Welcome To The SAWIL Speakers Alumni

Delivering a public speech is a daunting task for many, so it is normal and totally understandable!

Statistics show that when delivering a speech, 2 general aspects come into play: Verbal communication and non-verbal communication.

45% makes up verbal communication, while a staggering 55% is made up of non-verbal communication.

If one is to be effective in the message you want to deliver, one needs to be mindful of both these elements. Gain the confidence you need to tackle that presentation. This course is an introduction into delivering an effective presentation/speech.


If your position requires of you to be networking or speaking to other professionals in your field, then this course will expose you to the aspects of speaking in public - With confidence!

1.    Would you like to present more confidently?
2.    Do you feel that your communication skills can be improved upon?
3.    Would speaking with more authority benefit you?
4.    Could you deliver your subject matter with more impact?
5.    Could you learn innovative ways to deliver your message?

We are looking for:

  • Women in leadership (Executives, Subject Matter Experts) 

  • Your expertise need to be realized;

  • Women who are passionate about their professions,

  • Executives that want to “find their voice”;

  • Women in leadership, who have identified that through support, their dream to one day become Keynote speakers in their field of expertise, will be realized;

  • To push the boundaries and become the best version of themselves;


  • Build you confidence,

  • Become an amplified keynote speaker in your own right;

  • See the value of your inputs as a Subject Matter Expert

  • Elevate your communication – Deliver it with gravitas!  

  • Become a pivotal spokesperson in your industry;



Course Content:          


Week 1: Confidence

Week 2: Projection, Resonance, Tonal variety, Pitch

  • Control

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Relaxation

  • Speaking with confidence & competence

  • Breathing

  • Creating interest and adding dimension to your voice

  • Focus

  • Using various communication styles to highlight an area of focus

Week 3: Accent, Pronunciation

Week 4: Flow of Speech (Speech Rate)

  • Correct use of vowel sounds

  • Identifying aspects of speech through reading

  • Correct use of consonant sounds

  • Listening

  • Combinations of vowel and consonants

  • Timing


Course Outcomes - What will you gain from this course?


  • Understand the importance of confidence;

  • Apply the aspect of relaxation to presentations;

  • Develop good breathing techniques before and during presentations;

  • Ability to differentiate between the various audience demographics;

  • Effective use of the breathing for effective communication;

  • Interpreting the requirements of the group dynamic, in order to deliver and relate;

  • Planning effectively for presentations;

  • Developing a resilient and versatile voice;

  • The ability to switch between the various styles, when dealing with various groups;

  • Interpretation of the various aspects of sounds in words;

  • Knowledge in understanding the impact of the timing of a speech;




Type of Course: One-on-one training

Duration of Course: 4 X 1 Hour Sessions

Cost of Course: R6000  

Dates: As and when convenient for the individual & trainer

Type of Course: Masterclass

Duration of Course: 4 X 1 hour Sessions

Cost of Course: R4.450-00

Dates: On set dates, email leadership@sawil.co.za to enquire or view our events board. 



Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment must be received in full, prior to commencement of training. Proof of payment (indicating your full name & surname) is to be sent to: leadership@sawil.co.za   

  2. The full name and surname of the delegate(s) attending training is to be clearly indicated;

  3. Membership is compulsory for any delegates wanting to attend this course. Click on the membership portal to view cost of membership options available. 

  4. For masterclass delegates, failure to attend a session will result in you forfeiting the benefit of that specific lesson. The lesson will not be repeated. Should you require training on a particular lesson, the cost will be: R1.200-00 for the session;

  5. For individual training, the re-scheduling of training (due to unforeseen circumstances), is to be sent to the trainer, at least 48 hours in advance, in order to accommodate a more suitable time for you and your trainer. Should this not be adhered to, a penalty fee will be due. Future training will not commence, until such time that payment has been effected;  A penalty fee of: R300 for failure to re-schedule your confirmed training, within 48 hours, will be charged for;Substitutions and/or the interchangeability of delegates attending an already (existing) group training session, is strictly prohibited;

  6. Refunds arising due to non-attendance and/or cancellation of the course will not be made;

  7. Any information provided to you, on the course content remains the sole proprietary of the trainer. Any duplication or reproduction of this course content, is not in any way permitted, other than for the sole training purpose of the delegate;

  8. Prior to commencement of your training, we will allow for a substitute delegate to attend in your absence. However, that delegate will have to attend the training for the full duration of the course;

  9. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is Mandatory. Proof of acceptance is required below;