An organization for women who believe in the idea of “Lifting as you rise”.

SAWIL was established in 2014 by Seipati Mokhuoa as a proudly South African Women In Leadership organisation serving women leaders in corporate South Africa. We later took a bold and vital decision in 2019 to expand to the SADC region as Southern African Women In Leadership. The rapid growth we enjoyed in the SADC region informed our decision to extend our offering to the rest of Africa in 2021 as proudly Strategic African Women In Leadership. The common thread that holds us together and essentially informs our mission and vision is to see more African Women take their rightful place as leaders and economic powerhouses in our continent. 

SAWIL is a vehicle for women leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in Africa seeking to advance their careers through leadership training, executive coaching, entrepreneurship training, masterclasses, board training, mentorship and networking. With the sole objective of transforming and diversifying leadership composition, particularly in the private sector, our ultimate goal is to bring a more strategic approach towards women's development and empowerment. 

We have over the years honed practical and tested strategies that enable companies to engage, reconsider, take on a different leadership transformation approach, and prioritise gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

We at SAWIL firmly attribute and draw our inspiration from (amongst other factors) the women of 1956 in South Africa who marched together to the Union Buildings from all walks of life, not defined by race/religion/culture but one common agenda: Transformation and Inclusion. 

Together with our members, stakeholders, and partners, our collective vision is to accelerate inspired, head and heart leadership pioneers. When presented with the opportunity to be at the helm of decision-making platforms in their respective economies, these pioneering women will step up and ensure equality, equity, and access to better living conditions for all Africans regardless of race/religion/culture or background. 



Our Vision

To be a leading world-class example of what women can accomplish when given equal opportunities to lead! We aim to be the preferred platform where African women unite, collaborate, and partner to build our continent in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, African Union's Agenda 2063 and our very own SAWIL Vision 2030. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an Africa that we want to see by developing: 

1) A talent pool of women leaders from middle management to C-suite / board members to enable organizations to find the most sought after talent across the continent;

2) A place for woman professionals within the formerly male-dominated professions where women are still in the minority; 


3) A community of successful woman entrepreneurs with the backing of other women with vested interest to support their own by providing social capital or customer base.


Our Values